Despite the best efforts of manufacturers sometimes products do slip through the net that have serious safety issues.
When these issues are identified, either by the manufacturer, or by other sources a product recall may be put in place.

Whilst not really part of pat testing, epat solutions believe that safety is paramount, so we provide this information to you free of charge.
We realise that competitors may suddenly start to copy us, but we have no problem with that (other than if people are copying they are always one step behind, and with safety, that could be dangerous) - after all if they do it may save someones life.

This is not a definitive list of product recall sources, it really is impossible to provide one, but we try our best to keep the list up to date.

Please note, at present this list is VERY MUCH a work in progress, our advice is to check the list and to also do your own risk assessment and research,
contact the manufacturer/use google or another search engine to find the supplier/manufacturer of your appliances and check if any are subject to product recalls.

It is worth your time to do so, not only will you have peace of mind that your appliances are not known to be dangerous, you may find one that is and usually you are entitled to free replacement or repair.