If you are a business owner or the duty holder in a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your electrical appliances are safely maintained.

Employee's should feel safe at their work - and more importantly the should BE SAFE, regardless of what job they do.

In the United Kingdom, we not only have the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, but also The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, to help prevent accidents from happening and to ensure steps are taken to keep things safe.

Despite the above, there are on average 1000 workplace accidents, due to electric shock or burns that have been reported to the Health and Safety Executive every year, and 24 percent of all workplace fires in 2011/12 were caused by electrical faults .

Not only does this cost your business a lot of money in downtime and damages, but it also has the potential to cause serious injury, possibly even death of you or your employees or customers or visitors.

This is why it is highly important to have electrical products PAT tested regularly, by a responsible and reputable company, such as ePat Solutions.

We will visit and apply a thorough PAT Test (Portable Appliance Test) to ensure that at the time of testing we can see there is no damage or danger when appliances are in use.

Initially we will visually check for any damaged cables / damage to the plug and the appliance itself.

Then we will check to see if the plug has been wired correctly, and to check that the the fuse is of the correct rating (and is not a suspected counterfeit fuse, as well as its compliance with regulatory standards) then a range of specialist electrical tests are carried out to ensure the appliance is safely earthed where applicable, the appliances insulation is not dangerous and in some cases we run further tests to ensure electrical leakage is within safe limits.  Finally we functionally check the item is working where possible.

Once we have completed all the checks that are required by the IET code of practice, and any additions checks we feel required , we fill in a PAT testing certificate for each appliance so we have records of what checks have been carried out.

After all tests are complete and payment has been made (or for a large job after a batch of tests and partial payment) we will issue a report detailing a summary of tested appliances and the pass/fail status (including basic test results).

This report will also include any guidance notes and recommendations that we have made

We also produce separate reports listing any appliances that have failed their test, as well as those that needed any minor repairs.

Training can also be given to help you understand what your duties are regarding user checks on appliances, staff can be trained by ePat Solutions on how to safely and reliably perform user checks as required.

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