About ePat Solutions

Sunderland Pat Testing.

Our History

Whilst volunteering for a local charity a suggestion was made that Portable appliance testing may be suitable for me, plus the charity had a need for testing of the great many donations they had stockpiled over time.
PAT testing was something I had come across a long time ago (around the fall of the Berlin wall) but I was involved in a different field at that time.

With help from various sources and a lot of hard work the company was formed.
It has been tough, in the initial stages we had no income but we have persevered and are going from strength to strength..

Our Mission

We aim to provide a solution to your PAT testing requirements and needs.

We focus on safety, affordability and do what we can to minimize disruption to charity or business/organization.

We may even identify other area's that we can offer help in as we also have expertise in IT and the internet.

We cover the Sunderland area and may be able to work in outlying area's if the job is big enough.

We aim to provide a quality service, going above and beyond the basics.


Why use epat solutions

Unlike many competitors we do NOT promise to beat any quote. We aim to be affordable, but we refuse to offer silly pricing - we spend time testing each appliance properly, and ensure the results are properly documented.

We also refuse to simply 'lick and stick' - we are not a firm who will come in and just put pass stickers on because you ask us too (believe me we have been asked to) - we pass what is safe and fail what needs failing.


We recognise you need to ensure you are getting someone in who is above board, so we have

Public Liability



has £5 million public liability coverage.

High Quality


We use high quality reliable test equipment that is calibrated on a yearly basis and checked regularly.


Certificate of Competence

Our tester has passed a NAPIT endorsed examination to prove competence in the theory and application of Portable appliance testing.



In addition to regular testing of equipment to ensure it is within manufacturers specifications our equipment is inspected and certified on a yearly basis to obtain certified calibration certs.